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Prevent Your Fall In Slippery Parking Lots Covered With Black Ice

Snow Traction For Car Tires

Snowstorms and blizzards are common phenomena every winter, and team it with freezing and refreezing; the result is a thin layer of ice. It is difficult to walk on ice without slipping, and you have to tread carefully every time you take your car out too. Moreover, with the number of accidents steadily increasing every year, you have to take every precaution while stepping out of the house.

Do you know black ice forms when moisture refreezes in a thin layer on any surface? Accidents caused by black ice can lead to long-lasting repercussions. Maintaining a clear area, including parking lots, is essential to help commuters, shoppers, and employees walk on ice without slipping.

What are some common tips for walking on ice and not falling while in a parking lot?


It is the responsibility of the store or the commercial premises to manage the parking lots. Spreading a deicer before a snowstorm or blizzard ensures the ice does not stick to the surface. While there may still be a chance to slip and fall, keeping a handy traction agent, such as Walk On Ice, will help tread carefully on black ice.

Snow Boots

Wearing a pair of snow boots is one of the most sensible things to do while stepping out of your home. They help you walk on ice without slipping but assist you in maintaining your balance on black ice. Black ice is quite deceptive and looks like a wet surface, but it is solid ice in reality. It merges with the surroundings, making it difficult to watch where you are headed.

Be Careful Where You Park 

Parking lots are dicey, and you have to take care where you park. Make sure you do not park on top of a solid patch of ice, or you may end up slipping. Along with being careful where you park, you must keep a close watch on your tire treads too. Using worn-out tires on black ice will spoil your wheel alignment, thus resulting in expensive repairs.  

Traction Agent

Keep your traction agent, such as Walk On Ice, handy while walking on black ice. Traditional ice melt does not melt ice, but with Walk On Ice, you can safely get out of your car in any parking lot, even in the most dangerous situations. It helps you get out immediately without waiting for the weather to clear or the ice to melt in freezing conditions. It comprises all-natural ingredients that do not stick to the sole of your shoes, do not leave a mess around, and can get cleared off immediately. It is 100% environment-friendly, thus protecting your foliage around too.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice



While there are several ways to avoid slipping on black ice, you can only be too careful. Another interesting tip for walking on ice is to spread your arms out and go slow. It will help you to keep your balance and help you get inside safely. Along with all these tips, carry your handy Walk On Ice anti-skid traction agent to help you walk stress-free anywhere and everywhere.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

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