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4 Things To Do When Your Car Is Stuck In Snow

car stuck in snow

The white landscape in the snowy winter looks beautiful, but the question is how to walk on ice roads safely. Every year several slip and fall accidents happen that lead to serious injuries while walking on the ice. Apart from walking, driving is also a challenge on slippery roads with poor visibility during snowstorms. Your car tire getting stuck in a huge pile of snow is quite common after a blizzard.

Navigating the Ice: When Car Stuck in Snow

When driving on ice roads, it’s crucial to understand that the slippery surface will affect your vehicle’s handling and braking ability. Maintain a slow speed, increase the following distance between you and the car in front, and avoid any abrupt braking or acceleration.

If you’re caught in a snowstorm and your car gets stuck, your first instinct might be to spin your wheels in an attempt to dislodge the car. However, this can make the situation worse by digging the tires deeper into the snow. Instead, gently rock your vehicle back and forth by shifting between forward and reverse gears, applying slight gas as you shift.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

A Snowy Predicament: Car Stuck in Snow in Driveway

When your car is stuck on ice in the driveway, using a traction agent can be a game-changer. It’s tempting to use traditional methods like sand or kitty litter, but these substances are not the most effective, and they can create a mess once the ice melts.

Instead, consider using Walk On Ice. This all-natural product provides instant traction on ice and is safe for all surfaces, including decking and new concrete. It’s an excellent solution to prevent your car from sliding on ice. Simply apply Walk On Ice around the stuck tires, and it will create an instant skid-free, slip-free surface for your car.

Here are few tips that might be helpful to free your stuck car from snow, even if you don’t have a 4X4 drive SUV vehicle.

1. Clear The Area Around The Tires

Try to remove the snow around the tires. The aim is to clear few feet in front and behind the tire so that the car can slightly move back and forth from its position. The shovel comes in handy during this time, and it’s advisable to always carry one in your car trunk during winters. 

2. Move Your Car Back And Forth

Since now, you have made some space for the car to move forward and backward a little bit. It’s time to use this rocking motion to create momentum and free the stuck car. Pressing the gas pedal hard at one fixed position won’t help the stuck car. The rocking motion of the car works way better in these scenarios.

3. Traction Agents

If you still can’t free the car then try some traction agents. Some natural traction agents including, Walk on Ice, sandbags, salt, dirt, or kitty litter can be used when your car is stuck in the snow. Throw several handfuls under your tires for increased traction on snow.

Walk on Ice is scientifically made for the purpose to increase traction on ice, and hence it is more efficient and effective. You have to simply rub some granules on the car tires to increase the traction. The best part of Walk in Ice is that it works immediately and you need not have to wait for hours like in the case of ice melts. 

Traction Magic Tire Traction

Walk on Ice primarily consists of absorbers and gripper granules. Absorbers help to absorb the excess water around the tire, and gripper granules with their spiky structure penetrate the ice layer and provide a sand-paper-like effect.

Walk on Ice comes in small handy containers. For regular use you can also go with Traction Magic instant surface traction agent that comes in comparatively bigger packaging.

Also, remember to turn off the traction control in your car. It helps prevent your car from skidding on the icy road, but when your car is stuck in the snow it acts against you and is a different story altogether.

4. Get External Help

If you have co-passengers who can easily push the car, then try pushing the car out of the snow. If that is not the case, you can call car emergency road assistance or tow services to come and help you with the stuck car. 

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


Preventing Future Hassles

Prevention is always better than cure. Equipping your vehicle with winter tires and keeping a container of Walk On Ice in your car can go a long way in preventing your car from getting stuck in the first place. These simple preparations can save you a lot of hassle and danger when the temperature drops.


The most important thing to do when your car is stuck in the snow is to stay calm and not panic. Panic can cause accidents and injuries. Keep essentials like a shovel, traction agents, blankets, food supply, mobile charging power bank, and car emergency helpline numbers handy while driving your car in winters.


A. Use winter tires, drive slowly, brake gently, increase following distance, and consider “Walk On Ice” for instant, non-damaging traction on icy roads.

A. No, Walk On Ice is a supplement to winter tires, providing additional traction, especially in cases where your car gets stuck on ice or in snow. It does not replace the need for winter tires.

A. Essential tools include tire chains, traction mats, a snow shovel or snowblower, tow straps, or sand for added traction (though they can harm concrete and pose risks to pets and property). Consider using “Walk On Ice,” a chemical-free traction agent, for instant and safe traction on all icy surfaces.

A. Clear the driveway, use “Walk On Ice” for instant traction, and drive slowly to prevent slipping. Winter tires enhance grip.

A. Use your hands, car floor mats, or “Walk On Ice,” a safe, natural, and portable solution for instant traction without the need for shoveling.

A. Clear snow, create traction with “Walk On Ice,” and gently rock the car to dislodge it. Seek professional help if necessary.

A. Use a tow strap or recovery strap to safely pull a car out of snow.

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