Become Walk On Ice Distributor

Become a Walk On Ice Distributor

Elevate Safety and Traction in Icy Conditions

Walk On Ice has carved a niche as an essential traction agent for icy conditions, offering immediate and effective solutions. We are on the lookout for distributors who are keen to join us in making environments safer during icy weather.

Why partner with Walk On Ice?

  • Stand Out with a Unique Product:

Walk On Ice is a specialized traction agent that provides instant traction on all icy surfaces. Partnering with us adds a distinctive, high-demand product to your portfolio.

  • Safety First Approach:

Our product is renowned for its ability to provide immediate traction on ice, making it a top pick for safety-conscious consumers.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Walk On Ice ensures a solid, non-slip surface instantly, leading to high customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

  • Attractive Margins & Exclusive Deals:

We offer competitive profit margins and exclusive distributor-only promotions, enhancing the value of your business partnership.

  • Support and Training Provided:

As a Walk On Ice distributor, you’ll receive comprehensive training and support, ensuring you’re well-equipped to market and sell our product effectively.

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