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Sand Vs Kitty Litter Vs Walk On Ice

traction walking on ice

Getting trapped in the snow, slush, or ice can be a nightmare. But a far worse situation is being a victim of slip and fall incidents. We all are well aware of the dangers of walking on ice. Many people keep sand or kitty litter in their trunks and homes to help with traction while walking on ice. But are they effective and safe to use, like Walk On Ice? Let’s find out.

Kitty Litter For Traction

Kitty litter does not contain rock salt. It is the fundamental reason that homeowners use it for traction, as it does not burn the paws of their furry friends. It does not damage people’s skin and is safe for the environment, unlike regular ice melt. Furthermore, it absorbs moisture and can help with traction but is not effective on all surfaces and temperatures. Moreover, when wet, it turns into a slick mush that needs a lot of cleaning afterward.


Sand enhances traction and avoids slippage on roadways and sidewalks. It is sprinkled on top of ice and snow, making it an ugly mess. While it does not melt ice or snow like salt, it does provide additional traction when used appropriately.

It can be used at any temperature as long as it is consistently applied over the ice and reapplied regularly. Because it does not dissolve ice or snow, it must be sprayed whenever new snow or ice accumulates on the concrete. It can leave more residue behind and require further clean-up when the snow or ice melts.

Walk On Ice

It consists of all-natural minerals and chemicals that are completely safe, devoid of salts and substances that are damaging to the body and surfaces, and can be safely used on all types of surfaces like decking, new concrete, pavers, parking areas, and so on. 

It creates a skid-free, slip-free surface on ice and snow for walking, pet, and car traffic, as well as other applications, works at any temperature and with any thickness of the ice, and it’s highly absorbent and abrasive, making it ideal for cleaning up messes caused by animal feces, body fluids, oils, paints, and other viscous substances.

Non-corrosive and non-conductive – won’t harm your vehicle or furniture in the backyard. The packaging of Walk On Ice makes it handy and easy to carry, even in a handbag or glove compartment. You can use it anywhere, giving you instant protection from slips and falls.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


It keeps you safe from the dangers of walking on ice by its dual-action method: absorbers and grippers. It has seven all-natural geo-crystals mined in the US. To create a non-slip surface, the ‘absorbers’ drain the water while the ‘grippers’ grip the ice/snow. Vehicles, people, animals, and pets can all use the treated surface right away. Furthermore Walk On Ice has micronutrients, which allow the product to be swept into the lawn or garden for a lush and greener grass in the spring.


The solution to your slick porch and walkways troubles could be right in your handbag now. So, why go for something messy and arduous to clean when you have a clean and easy traction medium in your reach. Keep a container of Walk On Ice with you whenever you go where there could be slippery ice and have complete protection.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


A: Walking on ice requires taking shorter steps, moving slowly, and ensuring that your foot is fully down before shifting your weight. Keeping your center of gravity over your front foot and wearing shoes with a good grip can help prevent slipping.

A: Kitty litter can add traction to slippery surfaces but does not melt ice and can be messy when wet. Deicers can melt ice but may contain harmful chemicals that damage surfaces and the environment.

A: ‘Walk On Ice’ is an environmentally-friendly option that provides immediate traction on ice by creating a grippy layer on the surface, allowing you to walk confidently.

A: Yes, traction cleats can be extremely helpful when walking on icy surfaces. They attach to your shoes and provide extra grip, which can prevent slipping.

A: To walk safely on ice, keep your hands out of your pockets to maintain balance, test the ground in front of you for slickness, walk flat-footed, and take short, shuffling steps. Additionally, bend slightly and walk with your center of gravity over your feet.

A: ‘Walk On Ice’ creates a grippy layer on the ice, enhancing your traction and stability. By using this product and following safety tips, you can walk with confidence on icy surfaces, even during winter.

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