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Managing Icy Sidewalks- 4 Tips

walking on icy sidewalks

During the long, icy winter, you don’t want your driveways and paths to be the source of injury. There are some time-tested tips for walking on ice that we can use. Traction makes walking on snow and ice a cakewalk. So, here are four tips to keep your icy sidewalks safe for your family and visitors.

Remove Snow By Shoveling

Make sure you shovel the snow as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the longer the snow remains on the ground, the more likely it is to turn into ice. There is nothing that works better than a shovel when it comes to removing snow. As you cannot shovel all the snow, be prepared for using other effective measures to safeguard your family and guests from slippery conditions.

Use Ice Melt

When the ground temperature is below freezing, the easiest way to melt the ice is to use ice melt. Chloride-based ice melt may help in snow removal but is highly corrosive. It can damage concrete, corrode metals and vehicles and kill your greenery. The toxic components of chloride salts can burn the paws of your pets. Hence, it is advisable to use organic, salt-free ice melt for your compound. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly anti-slip and fall method, then go for traction agents.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


Provide Traction

Traction agents are a practical choice for regions with landscaping sensitive to salt and chemicals, such as fresh concrete. You can apply coarse sand, oil absorbent, or poultry grit to boost traction without using chloride-based ice melt. But all these will leave a mess behind. 

Sand can also be used to help with slick spots. But once used, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly from your compound. Otherwise, it will clog your drains and may result in dusty outdoors and interiors.

Unused cat litter can be sprinkled on sidewalks and driveways to provide grip. But it tends to become very messy once it absorbs moisture. If you are using kitty litter for traction then get ready for a lot of backbreaking cleaning afterward.

The Safe And Effective Traction Agent

-Walk on ice is a safe and effective traction provider that contains naturally occurring minerals and comes in convenient disposable canisters. You can use it as an instant traction agent for your car or on sidewalks and steps.

The absorbers and grippers present in it will provide you immediate traction whether you are walking on concrete, asphalt, or even on the thickest layer of ice.

Check And Double-check These Conditions 

During a storm, keep an eye on the weather and walkways throughout the day to avoid snow accumulation. If the afternoon temperatures are mild enough to defrost ice, keep a watch out for black ice. While other traction agents may fail on it, absorbers and grippers will continue providing you traction.


While the traction treatment does not melt ice or snow,  it makes your concrete driveways and sidewalks safer to walk on. Moreover, traction agents can be used conveniently on new concrete, near your vehicle, furniture, , and in your yards. The golden tip for walking on the ice this winter is carrying a canister of traction minerals in your handbag or gloves compartment.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


A: Reduce your speed significantly, maintain ample distance from other vehicles, avoid abrupt actions such as sharp turns or sudden acceleration, use lower gears for enhanced traction, and avoid prolonged idling to prevent ice buildup in the carburetor.

A: Accelerate and decelerate gradually, adhere to slower speeds, expand your following distance, be wary of black ice, and if your vehicle starts to skid, steer gently in the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go.

A: Regular shoveling to clear the snow before it freezes into ice and deploying traction agents like ‘Walk On Ice’ can provide immediate traction on icy surfaces, making them safer to walk on.

A: Regularly remove snow and ice to prevent accumulation, apply traction agents like ‘Walk On Ice’, provide adequate lighting, install support such as handrails along the path, and promote the use of non-slip shoes.

A: Promptly remove snow and ice, use traction agents for immediate surface grip, regularly check and fix any sidewalk damage before winter, provide proper lighting, and place “Caution: Slippery Surface” signs to alert passersby when necessary.

A: Take small, measured steps, slow down your walking speed, use handrails where available, choose shoes with good grip, and use eco-friendly traction agents like ‘Walk On Ice’ for instant traction on icy paths.

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