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How To Walk Confidently In Winter Weather?

How To Walk On Ice Without Slipping

Walking is one of the most basic forms of transportation, yet it can be a challenge in winter. Snow, ice, and slush can make sidewalks and roads slippery, so it’s important to adjust your walking style accordingly. No one wants to be stuck indoors during their favorite season. If you’re looking for ways to avoid slips and falls when walking outside this winter — keep reading!

Get a good pair of boots

The first step toward feeling confident in winter weather is getting a good pair of boots. Your winter boots should be waterproof, have good traction, fit properly and be warm and comfortable.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your current boots are up to snuff, you can send them to a footwear repair shop for inspection and possible refurbishment. If this seems like too much work or expense, buy a new pair and stay safe!

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Wear traction devices over your shoes

There are a few options for traction when it comes to winter footwear. You can use crampons, ice cleats, or YakTrax over your shoes. Each of these devices increases the surface area of your shoe and helps you stay on top of slippery surfaces. However, all three should be used with caution, because they can decrease the amount of grip you have when walking or running on dry terrain or concrete surface.

A walking stick is another option for helping maintain balance in winter weather. The walking stick is especially important if you are hiking uphill or downhill in icy conditions, as it will help keep you from falling backward if you trip on an icy patch. Using a cane may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but there’s no reason why older adults shouldn’t carry one around as well—as long as they’re careful not to trip anyone else up!

Take small steps

Walking confidently in winter weather means not taking big steps. When walking on ice or snow, it’s important to take small steps. This way you can maintain control over where you’re going and make sure that your feet don’t slip out from under you. If you’ve ever stepped onto a patch of ice without realizing it, then you know how slippery things can get!

To walk confidently in winter weather, take small steps so that there’s no chance of slipping. 

Walk like you’re on a tightrope

To walk with confidence, keep your center of balance over your feet.

This might sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget when you’re trying to navigate icy streets and sidewalks. Unless you’re a circus performer or someone who gets paid to walk on tightropes professionally, chances are that you’re going to fall down if you take too big a step or misjudge how high the next patch of snow will be. So focus on keeping steady control over your center of gravity by bending at the knees as you step forward and lifting your feet high as they pass underneath them.

If all else fails and you slip anyway: fall into a squatting position rather than backward over your heels! It will help save you from breaking an ankle or whatever injuries may come from falling backward onto the uneven ground in winter weather conditions.

Use Traction Agent – Walk on Ice 

Another one of the winter safety tips for walking on snow & ice is to use Walk on Ice by Traction Magic. The mud-like granules comprise 7 naturally occurring geo crystals that act as absorbers and grippers. The absorbers siphon off the water while the grippers hold onto the ice or snow to create a non-slip surface. You can spread it on the steps, under the tires, or when getting out of the vehicle to get instant traction. It helps to maintain a good grip and does not stick to the shoes. 

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


When you’re walking in winter weather, be prepared for the elements. Wear appropriate clothing and good boots, traction devices over your shoes (if necessary), and carry an emergency kit that includes a whistle, flashlight, extra batteries, and matches. You should also have a plan in case of an emergency: call for help by dialing 911 from your cell phone or from a pay phone.

Winter walking can be fun, but it does require some adjustments. Take small steps and keep your eyes open for patches of ice or snow, you can safely enjoy the winter weather.

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