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Best Tips For Getting Your Car Out Of The Snow

unstuck car in snow

Driving in winter can be very difficult, given the low visibility during snowstorms and loss of traction on the road. The biggest question while driving in winter is how to get traction in snow? Using winter tires for driving in winter increases the traction between the tire surface and the road. Therefore, before the onset of winter, always take out some time from your busy schedule to replace your all-weather tires with winter tires. It is a bit of a hassle, but all worth it due to the safety it provides you during winter driving.

Driving is one thing, but what to do if your car tire gets stuck in several inches of snow. Here are few tips that might be helpful to free your stuck car from snow, even if you don’t have a 4X4 drive SUV vehicle.

1. Remove Snow Around The Tires

Use your shovel to remove the snow around the tires. Clear at least a foot of distance in front of the tires so that they can have some free movement. Also, try and clear the snow under the chassis of the car. If you’re driving a front-wheel-drive vehicle, then first clear the front tires from the snow. If there’s ice under the tire surface, try to break it with a shovel, it will further help improve traction.

Purchase a good-quality shovel if you don’t have one for your car and put it in your trunk for these tricky situations.

2. Gently Move Your Car Back And Forth

If the car is still stuck, then clear some more space behind the tires so that the car can move a little forward and backward. It’s time to use this to and fro motion to create momentum and get the car out of the snow. Pressing the gas pedal hard at one fixed position won’t help the stuck car. The to and fro motion of the car works way better to free the stuck car.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

3. Apply Traction Agents

Traction agents also come in handy when it comes to increasing traction on the tire surface. Some natural traction agents including, Walk On Ice, sandbags, salt, dirt, or kitty litter can be used when your car is stuck in the snow. Throw several handfuls under your tires for increased traction on snow.

Out of all the above-mentioned traction agents, Walk On Ice is scientifically made, and hence it is more efficient and effective. You can just rub some granules on the car tires to get more traction. Traction agents, unlike ice melt, work instantly, and you don’t need to wait for hours like in the case of ice melt.

Walk On Ice primarily consists of absorbers and gripper granules. Absorber granules help absorb the excess water around the tire that causes slipping, and gripper granules with their spiky structure penetrate the ice layer and provide a sand-paper-like effect.

Walk On Ice comes in a handy, easy to carry container, which you can easily store along with a small shovel in the boot of your car.

4. Snow Grips For Tires

Snow grips for tires help to get the car through, especially from heavy and thick layered snow. Usually, snow grips are used in mountainous areas that see a lot of snow throughout the winter. Snow grips reduce the speed of the car and are therefore not advisable for highways.

5. Turn Off The Traction Control In Your Car

Also, remember to turn off the traction control in your car. It helps prevent your car from skidding on the icy road, but when it is stuck in the snow it works against you.

6. Get Help

If you have co-passengers or people nearby who can push the car, then get their help to push it out of the snow. If that is not the case, you can call car emergency road assistance or tow services to come and help you with the stuck car.

Final Words

When your car gets stuck in the snow, just stay calm and don’t panic. Panic can cause accidents and injuries. Keep essentials like a shovel, traction agents, blankets, food supply, mobile charging power bank, and car emergency helpline numbers handy while driving your car in winter. Remember: Prevention is the key word when driving on icy or snowy surfaces. The better prepared you are to respond to any situation, the better your chances of getting out safely.


Yes, persistent exposure to snow, especially when stuck, can lead to rust and undercarriage damage.

You can, but it’s essential to do it safely. Ensure the path is clear, and push gently to avoid injury or vehicle damage.

Yes, spinning your tires can generate heat and cause tire damage. It can also dig you deeper into the snow.

Running a car for long periods when stuck can lead to overheating. It’s important to periodically turn off the engine.

Use a chemical-free traction agent, stay with your vehicle, and call for assistance if necessary.

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