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What To Use On Outside Steps To Prevent Slipping In Winter?

walking on ice safety tips

Walking on ice safety tips, shoes for walking on ice Winters can become dreadful if we are not prepared to face it head-on. We must not take the season lightly as this is when you can meet a problem of slipping, skidding, falling or even injuring yourself with lifelong repercussions. We must follow walking on ice safety tips to avoid pitfalls during the season.

Areas prone to heavy snowfall and the constant problem of black ice will need to take extra precautions. Besides our pathways and driveways, we also need to pay attention to our outside steps to prevent slipping in winter.

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What Are The Precautions We Can Take?

  • Shoes For Walking On Ice

We must purchase sturdy shoes for walking on ice if your earlier pair has worn out. Wearing shoes with a worn-out sole or zero grips on ice will cause you to slip and fall, thus injuring yourself. Shoes with spikes, attachable rubber and spike soles, boots with deep treads, etc., can help walk properly on ice. In addition, walking down steps on your patio or your backyard can help in preventing you from falling right outside your home.  

  • Spread Deicers

There are several deicers available in the market. Some people prefer using ice melts such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride before the snowstorm hits to make sure the snow does not stick to the surface of the steps. Using high-quality and eco-friendly traction agents also prove helpful before and after a snowfall as they do not harm the flooring or disturb the ecological balance.

Walking on ice safety tips also includes using the right traction agent for a firm grip on the steps.

  • Walk Like A Penguin

It may look funny or awkward, but waddling like a penguin is probably the best way to get down the steps and walk on icy surfaces. First, take one baby step at a time to get down. Then, spread your hands out slightly to create a balance and come down the steps without slipping on them.

  • Do Not Step Out Without Reason.

Do not step out of your home without any reason. If there are chores that you can merge on one day, it will help you avoid multiple trips to the market. Walking down steps on your porch or patio can become risky because of thin ice formation that may prove dangerous to you and your loved ones.


One of the top safety tips to walk on ice include using eco-friendly traction products such as Walk On Ice. With an excellent absorbing and gripping formula, Walk On Ice comprises seven naturally procured minerals that are highly effective on any icy surface as it directly cuts through it. In addition, it does not harm pets, the environment, kids, and humans.

You can spread it on your outside steps when you step out and walk comfortably to reach your car or garage. And the best part is that it remains stuck on the floor till you sweep it away. So it is not only cost-effective but a great product to chase away any winter injuries.  

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