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What Is The Best Way To Get Traction While Driving And Walking?

How many inches of ice can you walk on?

Traction is the force that keeps your tires stuck to the road. It’s important to have enough traction so you don’t skid or slide on ice, snow, or other slippery surfaces. There are many ways to increase your vehicle’s traction. One of the most common ways is to use winter tires. Winter tires have grooves in them that help them grip better than regular tires. But what to do when you’re walking? How many inches of ice can you walk on?

To keep your best interests in mind, we introduced Walk on Ice with Traction Magic, which is easy to carry and is an excellent traction agent. It may appear plain mud, but it is unlike anything else in the market. With 7 naturally occurring minerals, Walk on Ice is a handy disposable canister that provides instant traction on snow and ice. It is free of salts and chlorides and works well on any surface, including new concrete and decking. It is granular in consistency and helps absorb the water and provide a grip by holding onto the ice or snow to create a non-slip surface. It remains on the ground for a long time and does not harm the environment.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


How many inches of ice can you walk on?

First, you need to know the thickness of the ice. You can do this by using a ruler or measuring tape to determine how thick it is at each point along the surface, and then adding those measurements together.

Next, you need to know the density of ice. This is dependent on the water content in your ice—the more water, the less dense it will be. If you’re unsure about this number, just use 0.9 grams per cubic centimeter as an estimate (that’s approximately 1 inch per pound).

How to walk on ice like a penguin?

Okay, so maybe you’re not going to be able to waddle right now, but if you want to walk on ice like a penguin, try to keep your feet as close together as possible. This will help with balance and stability when the ice starts to give way beneath your feet.

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

Wear the right footwear

Another important point to note is the footwear for walking on ice. You know how to build traction while driving and keep yourself safe. But when it comes to footwear, we often take a step back.

The best footwear during winter is boots and thick rubber-soled shoes. They have deep grooves underneath, making it easy to walk on ice. You can supplement it with a good traction agent, such as Walk on Ice, and spread it wherever you find a slippery surface. It is portable and can fit in any corner of your bag.


We always look for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dreaded ice in winter. Keeping the above points in mind will help you stay safe. Always know how many inches of ice can you walk on. You can build traction on ice driveway with the right traction agent to avoid skids. 

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